Blog Roll Automatic Link Exchange WordPress Plugin

Blog Roll Automatic Link Exchange Wordpress Plugin

WHY Link Exchanges Work?
The biggest advantages of link exchanges is gaining traffic from websites in the exchange, increasing brand awareness, and increasing SEO backlink points.

Blog Roll Automatic Link Exchange WordPress Plugin
Whether you exchange links with your own network or with other websites, apparently it’s good for business! Some of the most popular websites in the world link exchange with one another. If they’re doing it, why wouldn’t you?

If you think about it, you’re probably already doing link exchanges within your social media networks anyways. You’re linking to each other to increase, brand awareness, traffic, and link juice.

Why are you not exchanging links with your website visitors?

Your visitors may be your biggest fans… and they may have one or more relevant websites in the your niche. Why not give yourself an easy opportunity for building backlinks with your fans’ websites.

Here’s how link exchanges work….

-Your visitor sees your website and notices a link exchange opportunity.
-The visitor submits a link exchange request form.
-You see their link request, you can approve or deny the link exchange request.
-You accept, and now you have new quality backlinks.
-It’s really that easy!

You don’t have to go around hunting for backlinks. Now you can organically build backlinks with your visitors!

See how it works:

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