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What Are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are the opinions our customer can leave on our store after purchasing a product. Only buyers can publish their opinions about any purchased product.

Once a customer buy a product we encourage him, her to leave a product review to help other future customers.

Feature Your Product As a Vendor

In you are a vendor and would like we to feature your product, please use the contact form to tell us about it.  The price to have your product featured with a slider on the front page is just $14.99 for one month.

How Does The Istrendynow Store Works?

At istrendynow store we showcase hundreds of digital products like software for video marketing, affiliate marketing, graphics design, wordpress themes and plugins, templates, website builders, course training, make money online products and much much more.

All of our products are digital, this means that there is nothing to ship.

Once you have reviewed a product and you are ready to buy it, all you have to do is to click the BUY button, then you will be redirected to the product´s sales page where you will be able to see the whole products benefits, features, guarantee and specs.

Once you purcjase the product from the vendor´s page, you will receive a purchase receipt  and at this moment your credited to receive a bonus from us.

To receive your bonuses, all you have to do is to forward the email with your purchase receipt to us and you will receive a bonus worth 50x the price of your product with bonuses fully related the product you have purchased.  This is our way to thank you for your preference.

Thanks a lot!
The istrendynow.com team

How To Claim My Bonuses?

Yes! you heard that right!

At istrendynow.com we value our customers and you will receive a secret bonus pack worth 50x the price of your purchase.

You will only  receive related products to your purchase, that we are sure they will complement your product and improve even more your business.

The more you buy the more you´ll receive.

This is simply our way to thank our customers loyalty.

How to claim your bonuses?
You send us your purchase receive to our email support@istrendynow.com  and you will receive the access to your bonus pack(s) in less than 24 hours, that´s it!

How Can I Purchase Digital Products Here?

Most if not all of our products are digital products. Once you click the buy button ,you will be re-directed to the sales page where you can review the whole product features and benefits and make the purchase if you like the product.

You will receive a purchase receipt from your payment processor used after that and usually an email from the product vendor with your credentials to access your product. 

What If I Do Not Received My Product

Once you purchase your product through the product creator sales page, you will receive an email with yur credentials to access or download your product.

Just in case that you don't, please try to send an email to the product creator support helpdesk.

If you still do not receive any support, please use our contact form to receive any assistance.

Is there any purchase guarantee?

Of course, and for that you just need to see the product creatos sales page to see theire condictions.

Most product creators usually offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

Payment Methods Accepted

There are several payment methods all based on every software supplier.  

The most common payment method is though paypal.

Are there any physical products on sale here?

No, we only have digital products on sale. So there is no shipping cost involved and instant download after purchase.